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The specific geological structure of the crystalline massif of the Mojsinj Mountains represents the area of ​​the Serbian crystal core in the Rhodope-Moravian metamorphic belt formed within the Calendon-Hercynian cycle and as such is one of the oldest terrains in Serbia. The character of the landscape, with the dominance of constant winds, which accumulated large amounts of light sediments along the bottom of the gorge through which the South Morava broke through, so that oases of light sediments remained in the relief.

Light deposits of chernozem, and gentle slopes on the east side, a specific and rich country of only 5% in the whole world and gentle waves at 250 to 30 meters in height, which descend towards the Morava, classify this place as a fertile and above all specific vineyards. The diversity of the plant world, its diversity, through customs, along with recognizable autochthonous varieties and even more recognizable wines, make it necessary to seriously work on the organization of vineyards and wineries.

In particular, we state that the Rulebook on the regionalization of vineyard geographical production areas of Serbia states that a small oasis consisting of western, southwestern and southern slopes of the hill above Stalac on the site of the medieval fortress “Todor’s Tower” in KO Grad Stalac around the coordinate:
N 43 ° 40 ‘ 13 ”, E 21 ° 24 ’11’ ‘.


We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste&soul.

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