The Establishment Of The Wines

The mountains of Mojsinje are tucked away, which Morava once overcame, and gave a promise that it will give the best vineyard sun, the mildest winds (ventilation), and native vineyards right here. In front of the visitors, there will be a plain between the two Morava, a plain in the palm of your hand, and the view will reach from one side to Rtnje, from the other to Jagodina and back to Kopaonik and Gledačke planine, where which have been there since Roman times.


White Wines

  • Tamyanka
  • Chardonnay


Red Wines

  • Cabernet





In particular, we state that the Rulebook on the regionalization of vineyard geographical production areas of Serbia states that a small oasis consisting of western, southwestern and southern slopes of the hill above Stalac on the site of the medieval fortress “Todor’s Tower” in KO Grad Stalac around the coordinate: N 43 ° 40 ‘ 13 ”, E 21 ° 24 ’11’ ‘.

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